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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re looking to have pest control done or are in need of having a specific type of critter removed from your property, the professionally licensed exterminators at Buckaroo Pest Protection are standing by to help. Simply complete the service request form above and we’ll respond quickly to set up an initial appointment and determine a pest protection plan that meets your needs.

Below are some frequently asked questions our representatives often answer:

I'm dealing with a pest problem. How much is an estimate?

Our no obligation, low pressure, estimates are FREE. Our Pest Specialists will arrive, thoroughly inspect your home, and share their findings. They are dedicated to giving you high quality service and offer options for meeting your pest prevention needs.

I'm dealing with a pest problem. How soon can we get someone out to look?

Faster than a prairie fire with a tail wind! We are proud to say, that in most instances,  we can get some out to inspect your property, same day. Or in rare instances, next day 

I have kids and/or pets. How safe are your products?

Our pest control products are botanically based and safe for use around kids and pets. They are all approved by the EPA and are environmentally friendly. No toxic fumes, just protection and peace of mind. We take the health and safety of our customers very seriously. 

Do you do one time services?

One time service depends on the particular pest problem you’re facing. Some services, when done right, will only need to be done once; others are part of an integrative management program.  Once our pest specialists are on site and have a chance to fully assess the extent of the problem, they can answer all your questions about options and solutions. 

Where does Buckaroo Pest Protection serve?

We’ve been corralling critters all across the North Texas metro area.  To see a map of our commercial and residential territory, check out our service area page.

Are there any pests Buckaroo can't help with?

Unfortunately, yes. Due to protected status of bees,  we are not equipped to  relocate their hives, or permitted to exterminate. Additionally we cannot help with snakes or stray cats or dogs.  If you come across a stray, we advise you call your local animal shelter.