Pest control in Plano, Tx

When you need pest control in Plano, TX, we  protect what’s important. Born and bred in Texas, Buckaroo Pest Protection is a family owned company devoted to protecting your home and loved ones from pests and pesticide exposure by using advanced techniques, botanical based materials, and barricades. Inspired by the spirit of the frontier and backed by the pest control technology of the future. If you have a family or business to protect in Plano, Mckinney, or the north Dallas area, we have the experts to handle your termite treatments, rodent removal, or commercial pest control.

Pests We Protect Against

Feathery, shiny, slippery, furry, winged, or stinging… No matter what type of pest plauges your home or business, we have the knowlege and experience to get them out and keep them out. We specialize in: 

Termite Season is Back Again!

When it comes to protecting your home or business from termites, we know there are a number of options to choose from. A key difference of what’s available is the choice of liquid vs. baiting. This video gives you an overview of the the two, and the benefits of choosing Sentricon to effectively and throughly  treat for termites.

Pest Control Experts

Our pest control experts are available in the Dallas area to solve your insect and wildlife issues.  Whether you require home pest control, commercial pest control, termite treatment, rodent removal, mosquito control, or even electrostatic services for disinfection, Buckaroo Pest Protection in Plano, TX has got you covered. Our posse is picked for their expertise, experience, and courtesy. We’ve all passed extensive background checks, so you can rest assured knowing our experts will be absolutely safe for your home, kids, and pets but absolutely not safe for the outlaw critters inhabiting your home or business.