Mosquito Control in Plano, TX

Mosquito Services in North Texas You Can Hang Your Hat On


The high-pitched whine of these pesky critters can strike fear into the heart of even someone who’d charge hell with a bucket of ice water. When you contract for mosquito control in Plano, TX, you want to know that you’ll get services you can count on.

Here at Buckaroo Pest Protection, our main goal is to protect you and your family or business from the dangers of pests.

Here’s why mosquitos are so dangerous and what you can expect from our mosquito services.

Eastern Saltmarsh Mosquito

Prefer to lay their eggs in salt water and are thick as thieves in the Gulf Coast area. However, these gold-toned critters are just as happy to chow down on Dallas folk and their pets.

Dark Rice Field Mosquito

This mosquito prefers to live in fields and feed on livestock, however, they will cheerily fly 10 miles from their breeding site so they can appear in the suburbs as well.

Asian Tiger Mosquito

This mosquito prefers to live in fields and feed on livestock, however, they will cheerily fly 10 miles from their breeding site so they can appear in the suburbs as well.

Dangers of Mosquitos

Aside from that annoying high-pitched whine and their presence seemingly everywhere, what’s so bad about these little critters? Why are they considered to be a menace to public health?

Female mosquitos need blood to reproduce. Unfortunately, any time a foreign object comes into contact with your blood, you’re at risk. It doesn’t matter that the proboscis of a mosquito is about as big as the little end of nothing.

Known Diseases

When a mosquito bites you, they inject a small amount of saliva into your blood. (You’re welcome for that tidbit).

This is what makes them such excellent transmitters of disease. If they are carrying a virus, they can inject it right into your body along with the saliva. To make matters worse, mosquitos are known to carry disease-causing agents for several potentially deadly diseases. These include:


On a less dangerous but still annoying note, mosquito bites are uncomfortable. They are usually quite itchy and can become inflamed easily.

Some people react more strongly than others and may develop hives, swollen glands, or even a low-grade fever.

The Importance of Kid and Pet-Friendly Mosquito Protection

With the dangers that these critters pose, it’s obvious why you need mosquito protection around your home or business. Even just a few critters hanging about can stir up some serious trouble.

However, here at Buckaroo Pest Protection, we don’t believe in trading one danger for another. Many pest control services rely on products laden with toxic chemicals to combat your mosquito problem. While these can be effective, they can also pose other dangers — particularly to children and pets.

We use eco-friendly products that rely on as few toxic chemicals as possible. We also approach each home or business with an individual touch, choosing only the products that will benefit your space. One size doesn’t necessarily fit all when it comes to pest protection.

DIY Methods to Keep the Mosquito Population Down

There are also simple ways that home and business owners can help to keep the mosquito population down and reduce the need for heavy chemicals. Here are a few DIY tricks that we love to share with our customers.

Clean Up Standing Water

The numero uno method for keeping the mosquito population down is to eliminate standing water. Mosquitos need water to lay their eggs and without it, they’ll have to go somewhere else.

Keep your yard clean and make sure there is nothing laying around that can harbor water after it rains. Even something as small as a bottle cap can hold enough water for a few baby skeeters.

Mosquito-Repelling Plants

Do you like to garden? Throw a few mosquito-repelling plants into the mix. Then you will always have mosquito protection that doesn’t require any more effort than simply trending your garden.

Some ideas include citronella geranium, marigolds, calendula, lemongrass, mint, and rosemary. Some of these are even tasty on chicken or in your iced tea!

Hydrogen Peroxide Repellent

Spritz a mixture of ⅓ hydrogen peroxide with ⅔ water around your patio when you plan to sit outside. This won’t hurt your plants and doesn’t smell bad, but mosquitos sure hate it.

Citronella Candles

Another great option is to light citronella candles for outdoor events. Not everyone enjoys the smell of citronella, but you can try different blends until you find one that you like. Plus, breathing the faint aroma of citronella is better than struggling with mosquito bites for days after a barbecue!

Monthly Mosquito Services

Of course, DIY methods will only go so far. We find they are best used in combination with professional mosquito services.

We offer seasonal agreements to home and business owners so you can set up your mosquito protection services and forget about it. Once a month we’ll come to inspect and treat the space around your home or business.

Staying on top of mosquito protection like white on rice keeps the problem to a minimum. Plus, it helps you avoid having to use strong chemicals because a full-blown infestation never comes to fruition.

Contact us today to learn more about our professional mosquito control services and get one free service with a seasonal agreement!

Full Service Pest Control

Buckaroo Pest Protection is a full service pest control company. We can solve your home or commercial or residential pest control problems. Our technicians can handle your termite treatments, rodent removal, or mosquito control. We even make short work of electrostatic services if you need serious disinfecting.  Call our posse and let us return your house or business to its worry free peaceful state. We also serve the surrounding areas of Plano, McKinney, Allen, and Richardson.