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Yes, it can happen to you. Each year, an average of 5 million US homeowners are affected by termites. You never know when it might be your turn. Protect your home by learning the signs to watch for and be sure to call in the professionals for termite treatments in Plano, TX from Buckaroo Pest Protection when the going gets tough. Here’s what you need to know about our termite control services in North Texas.

Types of Termites in North Texas

No doubt, one of your favorite things about living in North Texas is the pleasant, year-round weather. Unfortunately, it is also perfect termite weather. Homeowners must keep a sharp eye out for these pesky critters. It’s easy for an undetected colony to take root in your home or business. Once in place, it won’t be long before thousands or even millions of termites are chowing down on important materials in your building. There are several types of termites that appear in Texas, but two in particular you have to watch for in North Texas:

Formosan Subterranean Termites

Home and business owners have subterranean termites to thank for most of the property damage caused by termites in the US. These critters reproduce quickly, and a single colony can house millions of individuals. This type of termite burrows in the ground and prefers to live in the soil. They will build huge underground nests and connect them with tunnels to anything they can use as a food source.

Southeastern Drywood Termites

Instead of setting up underground and visiting for dinner, these termites build their nests directly in the dry wood materials of your home or business. On the plus side, their nests are considerably smaller than those of subterranean termites. Most colonies house just a few thousand individuals. However, they can still be terribly destructive. And these little buggers aren’t attracted only to rotting wood, they will happily chow down on healthy wood as well.

5 Signs of Termite Activity

Termites are masters of stealth and it’s possible to have thousands or even millions of termites living in your home for months before you notice. While a handful of termites can’t do much damage, a large colony of individuals can cause thousands of dollars of damage in a short time. Thus, it is best to know the signs of termite activity and keep an active eye out to catch the infestation as soon as possible.

1. Wood Damage

As termites feed, they chew through anything wooden, leaving trails and patterns in the wood behind them. As the wood weakens, it becomes dry and crumbly.

It isn’t always easy to notice the damage at this stage since the tunnels are often inside the wood. But eventually the weak wood will start sagging and, in the case of drywall termites, you might notice areas where the drywall is drooping.

2. Tubes of Mud

To protect themselves and make it easier to travel back and forth to food sources, termites use their saliva mixed with dirt to build travel tubes. You might notice these mud tubes branching out like veins on your foundation.

3. A Termite Swarm

During certain seasons of the year, termite colonies will send out a horde of swarmers to start a new colony. This event doesn’t last long so it’s easy to miss. However, if you see a swarm of termites close to your home, you should call a professional for an inspection as soon as possible.

4. Piles of Shed Wings

Termites aren’t fliers for long. Shortly after they swarm out of the nest, they will shed their wings and start building their new nest. Watch for piles of the shed wings as it is a sure sign the termites are taking up residence.

5. Termite Droppings

You may notice piles of droppings that resemble sawdust (termites eat wood, after all!) which is a sure sign of infestation. However, these piles often go unnoticed because they are left inside of the wood and difficult for humans to see.

Termite Baiting Services

Termites are easiest to spot after they send out a swarm. However, that means there is already a mature colony living on your property. By the time you become aware of termite activity in your home, you can bet they’ve already caused some damage. However, that doesn’t mean that you throw in the towel. Instead, it’s time to saddle up and go to war! We here at Buckaroo Pest Protection help home and business owners protect their property from these annoying pests. We use baiting stations and pretreatments to kill off termite infestations as well as keep them from taking hold in the first place. We also offer an unusual type of warranty for our termite services. While other pest control companies offer a warranty that includes re-treating if your termite problem comes back, we take things one step further. If your termite problem returns after we’ve treated your property, we’ll take responsibility for the damage caused. It isn’t your fault our services failed, and we don’t believe you should be stuck with the bill. Learn more about our Repair Warranty here.

Free In-Home Inspections

Are you concerned that you might have termites on your property? Don’t hem and haw about it — that just gives the critters more time to cause damage. Instead, take advantage of our free in-home inspections. That’s right, our pest control experts who know exactly what to look for will come and inspect your home — for free! If you’re in luck, you might draw the best bull and discover that your home or business is termite-free. Then you can rest easily.

If we do find signs of termite activity, hopefully it will be early into the infestation, and you won’t have extensive property damage yet. Regardless, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by calling us for an inspection!

Contact us today to learn more about Buckaroo Pest Protection and get $100 off termite baiting services. You could save yourself thousands of dollars in property damage and hours of headaches!

Full Service Pest Control

Buckaroo Pest Protection is a full service pest control company. We can solve your home or commercial pest control problems. Our technicians can handle your termite treatments, rodent removal, or mosquito control. We even make short work of electrostatic services if you need serious disinfecting.  Call our posse and let us return your house or business to its worry free peaceful state. We also serve the surrounding areas of Plano, McKinney, Allen, and Richardson.