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What’s your first reaction when you see a mouse? Do you scream and leap upon the nearest chair? Or do you think the little guys are cute and cuddly? Regardless, if you have a mouse in your house your second reaction should be to call Buckaroo Pest Protection for rodent removal in Plano, TX.

Mice reproduce rapidly and where there is one mouse, there are sure to be more hiding in your home or business. Mice are also notorious carriers of dangerous diseases and harbingers of destruction. Trust us when we say, you don’t want these critters for roommates. Contacting a trusted pest professional like Buckaroo for rodent removal services is critical!

Types of Rodents in North Texas

There are various species of rodents living in North Texas. Some of them prefer living outdoors but cold weather or floodwaters can push them to seek refuge inside your comfy home. We can solve rodent infestations in Dallas, McKinney, Plano and many of their surrounding areas.

The problem is, their burrowing instinct spells trouble for the wood, wiring, or any other materials in your home or business that they might decide to gnaw on.

Deer Mouse

The little 3-inch deer mouse may seem non-threatening at first. Weighing less than an ounce these nocturnal critters are big on two things — burrowing and procreating. Unfortunately, they both mean bad things for you. Deal with infestations quickly.

House Mouse

House mice are about the same size as deer mice but are even more vigorous reproducers. Once you see one mouse, you can bet there are more mice than you can shake a stick at hiding in your home or business. A female house mouse can start reproducing at 6 weeks old and can give birth to between 32 and 56 pups a year. No wonder they are so hard to get rid of!

Norway Rat

Mice at least look cute and cuddly, but Norway rats are mean as a mama wasp. They’re also ugly, carriers of disease, and can cause extensive damage to your home.

The body of the Norway rat will reach between 7 and 9 inches, and they can be quite aggressive. They prefer to build their nests near the ground but are excellent climbers. If you see these critters call an exterminator or rodent removal specialist quickly.

Roof Rat

The roof rat likes living near humans and loves to hang out in rafters, attics, and any other high spots. It’s slightly smaller than the Norway rat and less aggressive but their presence still means bad news for your home or business.

Rodent Removal

Common DIY methods of removing control are rarely effective. Some people might try leaving out rat poison, but this dangerous substance can affect pets or other animals. Plus, the rats don’t die right away, meaning they’ll have time to hide away within the walls of your house before they die. You’ll have to put up with the stink of their rotting bodies until they finally decompose.

Hiring a professional for rodent removal in Plano, Dallas, and Mckinney is a better choice, especially since rodents can reproduce so quickly. If you don’t get them all, you could easily have a new infestation a month or two later.

Rodent Baiting

Rat bait is one of the methods we might use for your rodent infestation. However, we won’t put anything out until we’ve inspected the premises, know our target species, and decide which method will work best for your situation.

To avoid the stink of rotting bodies, we’ll also trap and remove the rodents before they can hole up somewhere and die.

Rodent Exclusion

The best way to deal with a rodent infestation is to not let the critters into your home or business in the first place. Thus, while dealing with the current infestation, our experts will also look at how to seal up your property to keep these pests out.

Rodent exclusion techniques may include pouring cement down burrow holes and installing wire mesh. In some places, we might install excluder — a product like steel wool that turns pests away by cutting their faces if they try to chew.

Disinfecting and Cleaning

Rats and mice are unsanitary critters and some of the diseases they bring can be deadly to humans.

As they mark their territory, mice and rats will urinate and defecate all over their area. Plus, since they eat 15-20 times a day “their area” is usually near your food stores.

Some of the diseases these pests can bring include:

Free In-Home Inspections

Concerned that you might have a rodent infestation? It’s important to talk with a pest professional as soon as possible if you notice any of the following:

Due to the health risks and the fact that these signs usually only become obvious once an infestation has taken hold, you should contact a professional immediately.

Buckaroo offers free in-home inspections to help you eliminate your rodent infestation as soon as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our rodent removal services and get $100 off!

Full Service Pest Control

Buckaroo Pest Protection is a full service pest control company. We can solve your home or commercial pest control problems. Our technicians can handle your termite treatments, rodent removal, or mosquito control. We even make short work of electrostatic services if you need serious disinfecting.  Call our posse and let us return your house or business to its worry free peaceful state. We also serve the surrounding areas of Plano, McKinney, Allen, and Richardson.