How to Choose a Pest Control Company for your new Home

If you are moving into a new home, chances are you want to keep it clean and pest-free as long as you can. While DIY pest control methods may be effective for a while, eventually, professional services will be needed.

With the right professional pest control company, you can feel confident your home will remain pest-free. Keep reading for some of the top questions to ask when selecting a pest control company.

Does the pest control company charge for an inspection?

Some companies charge for an initial inspection while others don’t. Sometimes the pricing is on what the inspection is for, others charge a flat fee. It’s a good idea to ask about this before scheduling an appointment.

Keep in mind that an in-depth inspection and analysis takes time. Be sure to be prepared to spend a fair amount of time with the technician. as they move through the property.

Does the pest control company charge for call backs?

What happens if the company treats your home and property for pests, but they return or never leave? Make sure the professionals you hire will return to your home to treat the issue again for no additional charge.

Keep in mind that if it is a new pest problem, there may be a charge, but if something is treated and the treatment is ineffective, the company should not charge another fee.

Does the pest control company offer warranties?

Any quality company will stand behind the services they offer with a warranty. If you find a service provider that doesn’t offer this, it should be a red flag and a sign that you should seek services elsewhere.

Be sure to ask about the details of the warranty before scheduling an appointment, or during the initial inspection. Knowing exactly what it covers and excludes will help you determine if this is the company you want to use.

How does the billing work?

When hiring any service provider, it’s important to understand the billing process. For example, some pest control companies require payment at the time of service. Others will bill you for the services provided.

You may get a discount if you pre-pay for your annual agreement, or bundle services in some situations. Other companies such as Buckaroo, also offer auto-pay options, which means no stress, and no hassle about keeping your account up to date. Just set it and forget it.

What sort of service programs do you offer?

An important factor to consider when hiring a pest control company is how the job will be done. If you are dealing with a large infestation, the company may need to conduct an initial inspection to determine the right plan of action. If they don’t offer this, you should request it.

After the inspection, speak to the pest control program to discuss treatment options. They should provide you with a recommended plan and alternative treatments that you can choose from. At this point, the company should also provide you with a list of pesticides they will use and their potential health risks of them.

Finding a company that offers several service programs will help ensure that the right treatment is provided

What products does the company use, and how safe are they to be around?

It’s imperative to find a pest control company that uses eco-friendly products. Many of the products used will have to be applied around the house and in your house. Because of this, you want items that are not harmful to pets or children. Buckaroo Pest Protection is one company that uses botanically based, eco friendly solutions that keep your kids and pets safe

Are technicians licensed?

Are the technicians who will be providing you service licensed? This is proof they have passed a test and that they know what they are doing. Be sure to ask about licensing for the technicians who will be providing service to your home.

Are technicians background checked, drug tested, or their driving record checked?

Along with licensing, it is a good idea to ask if any other screening is used before hiring pest control technicians. Remember, these people are going to be in and around your house. Sometimes, these services even come when you aren’t home. You need to feel confident that you can trust the person who is providing pest control services for your home.

What safety measures does the company have in place?

As mentioned above, many pest control chemicals can be harmful to animals and humans if they aren’t used properly. A quality pest control company will let you know about the toxic items used and what they are doing to minimize the environmental impact. They should also explain how the technicians will prevent unnecessary accidents or exposure.

Along with pesticide safety, you also need to ask about COVID-19 safety when choosing a company. Be sure the company has a safety plan in place and that they are compliant with the state’s regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

When someone arrives at your home for an inspection or treatment, be sure to follow the safety precautions you were told about.

Does the pest company have good reviews from past clients?

Quality pest control companies are the ones who will meet your needs and requirements. The company you choose needs to be ready and able to address your problems professionally and with respect. They should also have good reviews online for the services they have provided to other customers. If you can’t find reviews, or if they seem mostly negative, it may be time to move on and find a different service provider.

Finding the Right Pest Control Service

As you can see from the information here, there’s a lot to consider when finding a quality pest control service. Be sure to keep these questions in mind and use them to find a company that will provide you with the quality services you want and need.

When you take your time to find a quality service provider, you can feel confident that your home will be pest-free now and in the future. You can also benefit from services provided by experienced, well-trained technicians who are dedicated to helping you keep your home pest-free.
Being informed is going to help you find and hire a quality pest control service.

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