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Have you ever wondered what house pest could ever trump the horror of roaches? Have you laid awake at night, tossing and turning, while searching for an answer? Is there even anything that could be that bad? What could be worse than roaches? They’re virtually indestructible, can survive almost anything and come in all shapes and size. Let us introduce you to the termite.

What do you know about termites?

his common yet very unwelcome house guest can and will literally eat you out of house and home, and here we thought college kids on break were dangerous.
Termites look very similar to common carpenter ants, but can be distinguished by thing wings, antennas or body shape.

Most carpenter ants have a distinct hourglass figure that even most runway models would be jealous of. Termites typically have a larger and straight body shape and are either black, brown or white or cream in color and tend to bring along a fierce hunger for cellulose or wood. If you’re worried that termites have taken over your happily ever after, don’t hesitate to give your local, friendly pest control service a ring.

The subterranean and Formosan termites are common to the north Texas area and pose a serious risk to the foundation of homes and businesses all throughout the surrounding Dallas areas.

The subterranean termites are the most destructive species of termites that are native to Texas and commonly found around these parts. They come in three subsets:
reproducers, workers and soldiers. They live within colonies in moist soil and are drawn to decaying wood and moisture sources such as plumbing and gutters.

Formosan termites are the gladiators of their species who have a love for building deep underground colonies and mud nests within the walls. These termites are very aggressive and are the hardest to get rid of once they infest a structure. This species is commonly mistaken for flying ants but tend to be weak fliers and shed their wings once they’re ready to start nesting.

If you start seeing swarms of flying ant looking bugs around the framework or windows around your home, you may just be on the eve of a termite infestation. Since termites are so hard to control, it’s important to contact a local or commercial pest control service to do consultation the moment you think there may be a problem. Keep in mind that termites are so destructive that normally you won’t see them until after they’ve already setup shop.
Diligence is key to successful pest control prevention and care.

How do I know if my home has termites?

Common termite infestations start with a few tell tale signs.

Formosans are the first sign of an infestation because they like to swarm the weaker sections of the home that make it easier for them to get inside. If you have dead trees or broken plumbing around your home, get in touch with a pest control service to check for signs of termites and mud tubes.

Termites are well known for tunneling within the structures of your home as well as creating these mud tunnels so they can travel with ease from place to place. Think of these tunnels like their own first-class form of transportation, straight to the roof over your heads.

What to look for:

Check your walls! Termites eat the inside of walls first, leaving hollow and brittle wood in their wake. If your walls sound hollow, you may be at risk Look for termite droppings! If you start to notice dark marks around the foundations of your business of home, termites may be near!
Do you hear clicking sounds within your walls? You might be hearing Formosans hard at work, destroying your home. (In fact, any sign of sounds in your walls is grounds to call Buckaroo Pest Protection!) And most importantly, termites don’t only damage the integrity of your home or business, but they open the door the other creepy crawlers looking for some place warm to hide.

I think I have termites! What do I do now?

click. Up. The. Phone! Like most pest prevention, early intervention can make all the difference. Termites, unlike most pests, are hard to get out because they like to hide the most important chess piece. Queen termites have a very long shelf life and can keep reproducing the colony unless she’s caught and removed from the home. Over the counter remedies may work to clear out these unruly house pests, but this is not a long-term solution. Effective termite control comes with proficient pest control intervention.

Buckaroo Pest Control is ready and waiting to wrangle up pests of any variety throughout the north Texas area. If you think your home or business are being invaded, click here to schedule an professional in-home inspection with one of our licensed technicians. Don’t forget to check out some of our sweet deals and call us at (469)-598-0560 if you have any questions.

And remember, staying pest-free is key!

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