What to consider when looking for pest control for your commercial business

When pesky pests invade your commercial space, things can go from bad to worse quickly. Not only can pests damage or destroy the property, but they can also pose a health hazard to you, your staff, and your customers. Not to mention that a customer seeing a pest infestation in your business is likely to damage your reputation, causing you to lose business.

The good news is that our pest control teams can often manage the problem before it turns into a worst-case scenario. If you aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to finding a quality pest protection service, then look no further.

In this article, we will go over what you should look for in a quality pest control service, some of the most common questions surrounding the topic, and some of the solutions that have proven to be effective for managing pest problems in your commercial space.

But first, let’s take a look at some of the most common types of pests, why they are a problem, and what you can do if you notice them in your commercial property.

Most Common Pests


In addition to being repulsive, cockroaches are known carriers of harmful bacteria and disease. Most people are intuitively put off when seeing a cockroach anywhere, but to see one in a commercial business would indeed leave the wrong kind of impression in the minds of your customers. Some people are also terribly allergic to cockroaches.

Signs you have a cockroach problem: You see them, find coffee-looking droppings, or smell a strange foul odor in the building.

Worst-case scenario: You, your staff, or a customer is bitten and becomes diseased


Rodents such as rats and mice are also known carriers of disease. Perhaps even more dangerous, however, is the fact that they are known to chew on electrical cables, which can cause a fire to erupt or even cause your commercial property to lose power, necessitating a temporary closure, along with costly electrical repair bills.

Signs you have a rodent problem:you find rat droppings in the premises, you see rub marks on the walls, you hear scratching noises coming from within the walls.

Worst-case scenario:They chew through electrical cables causing your business to burn to the ground.


Without a doubt, termites cause more damage to both commercial and residential properties across the country than any other pest you’ll be likely to encounter. Termites live and feast on the wood features in your property, often without being noticed until it’s too late. When termites are left unchecked, they can destroy the foundations of the property, causing the premises to be deemed uninhabitable. What’s worse is that termite problems are seldom covered by insurance.

Signs you have a termite problem: You notice tunnels in the woods features of the property, you hear a quiet clicking sound, you notice the wooden walls sound hollow when you tap on them.

Worst-case scenario: They compromise the foundation, and the property is deemed uninhabitable


You may not think that wasps are a significant problem, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Most people, when they see a wasp’s nest, are wise enough to leave it alone. The problem is that a single nest can contain over 25,000 wasps, meaning that if you see one wasp, there are undoubtedly thousands of others very nearby. The last thing you want is to have your customers being attacked by wasps when they come to your place of business.

Signs you have a termite problem:You keep seeing wasps or spot a nest

Worst-case scenario: They swarm you, your staff, or a customer causing hospitalization or possibly even death


Not unlike termites, some varieties of ants, such as carpenter ants, for example, are known to destroy wood features. Ants, although not the most severe pest problem to have, can nonetheless lead to expensive repair bills, not to mention that they will seek out sources of food, compromising the sanitization of your lunchroom and leaving a bad impression on visitors to your premises.

Signs you have a termite problem:You see a trail of live ants in the building or find an ant nest

Worst-case scenario: They damage the structure of the premises, causing closure and costly repairs

So you have a pest problem, what now?

When choosing a pest protection company, there are a few things that you should look out for, as not all such companies are created equally.

Here are five red flags of a dodgy or poor-quality pest control company

On the other hand, here are five signs of a good pest protection service


The good news is that you are now aware of the problem. Most of the worst-case scenarios can be avoided if you catch the problem early. However, time is of the essence; far too many people are blissfully unaware that they even have a pest problem, and by the time they realize it’s too late, the damage is done.

Buckaroo is the trusted name in Texas pest protection. We don’t just offer treatment after the fact, no sir, at Buckaroo, we focus on protecting your commercial premises so that a pest problem never even arises in the first place. Remember, when it comes to pests, prevention is action.

If you notice any pests in or around your commercial property in Texas, then don’t delay; get in touch with Buckaroo today to discuss your specific situation and learn more about our available pest protection options in your area.

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