Termite Facts and Tips for Texans

Termites are hardy creatures that love to chow down on the cellulose found in wood, plants, trees, and other organic debris. They live in huge colonies that range from about 60,000 to one million individuals.

In other words, if you think you have a termite infestation, the problem could be as big as all hell and half of Texas.

Like ants, termites live in a colony populated by a queen, run by workers, and defended by soldiers. Interestingly, the termite queen enjoys the longest known lifespan of any insect — 30 to 50 years!

Termites can live almost anywhere and have an established presence on every continent except Antarctica. However, they love the mild weather here in North Texas and are active all year. What’s worse, termites don’t sleep, so they can keep up their destructive behavior around the clock.

Why Are Termites Such a Problem?

you’ve never lived in an area with termites before, you might wonder why people get so up in arms about termites. Live and let live, right?

Unfortunately, in the case of termites, no.

Termites have a voracious appetite, and they are constantly eating, eating, eating anything with cellulose — wood, trees, cardboard, etc. This means that if a few termites find a rich source of wood in your home or business, they’ll soon be having a feast with a few thousand friends at your expense.

In other words, if you don’t do anything about your termite infestation, they will literally eat you out of house and home.

Can Termites Come Back After Treatment?

Thankfully, we have treatments for termites. How effective are they? Talk to your neighbors and you’ll probably run across somebody who is frustrated about an ongoing termite problem that just won’t go away. The problem is most pest control companies only spray a liquid barrier solution that kills termites. It seems quite effective – at first. But termites can burrow a long way underground. The queen and much of the nest are down there safe from the effects of this liquid pesticide.

As long as she is sitting pretty down deep underground, the colony will never truly die.

The Buckaroo Difference

ere at Buckaroo Pest Protection, we think you deserve a long-lasting solution that puts your mind at ease. That’s why we employ the Sentricon® system. Instead of using a liquid solution, we set out bait traps full of termites’ favorite food — with a side of deadly poison. Worker termites will dutifully carry this deliciousness back to the nest and share it with the other termites, including the queen.

These traps can be left for some time to ensure your home or business is safe from termites in the long term. It’s a more effective method that gives you extended results.

Can You Hear Termites in the Walls?

ermites are constantly chewing and thus they are constantly making noise. You may not hear a single termite enjoying their lunch, but termites don’t eat alone. When a few hundred (or thousand) termites join the party, they make an audible noise.

But chewing isn’t the only sound they make. Did you know that termites are deaf? Because of this, they communicate danger or new food sources by banging their heads against the walls and creating vibrations the other termites can feel. This head-banging sound is louder and more easily detected by humans.

Termites are active 24/7 but you are more likely to hear them at night when the house is quiet.

How to Protect Your Home from Termites?

Early detection is key to keeping your home or business from being destroyed by these voracious insects.
Unfortunately, this is not easy to do.

Termites often come from underground and are active within the walls. This means that by the time you start noticing signs of termite activity, they have already made a destructive dent in your home or business.

What can you do to protect your investment?

The best option is to reach out to the pros here at Buckaroo Pest Protection. We offer a free in-home inspection to help you determine if you have an infestation. Our expert eyes know where to look and what signs to watch for to detect termites earlier than the average homeowner.

Furthermore, constant protection with the Sentricon® system ensures that new colonies are stopped in their tracks before they can turn your home into an all you can eat buffet.

Cost to Repair Termite Damage?

It might seem incredible, but termites are highly destructive. One small colony (60,000 individuals) can completely chew through a 2 x 4 in just 5 months.

And that’s a 2 x 4, a strong piece of wood. Imagine what they can do to softer or thinner wood or wet materials.

The costs to repair termite damage are high. It is estimated that in the US alone, termites cause about $30 billion in damaged crops and buildings. The average termite infestation in US homes ends up costing about $3,000 in damages.

What’s worse, most homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover termite damage. Insurance companies see it as your responsibility to protect your home from these critters.

Stop Termites in Texas

Protect your home or business from hungry Texas termites. Call us here at Buckaroo Pest Protection for a well-rounded solution that will stop termite problems before they start. Count on fast service and lasting results for the Plano and McKinney metro areas.

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