The Necessity of Pest Control: Covid-19 Friendly

Let’s set the stage. You’re stuck at home quarantined in lockdown during this global pandemic that’s still spreading throughout the Dallas area. Your kids are stuck at home, you’ve fought your way through numerous monopoly battles and cabin fever set in last week. That’s probably the worst it can get, right? Wrong. Now, on top of everything, you’re hearing scratching and clicking in the walls, seeing termite droppings around the baseboards and you think there’s a definitely something going on in the attic. What do you do now when the whole world is shutdown? Fear not, we’re still here! Buckaroo Pest Protection is here and ready to service all your pest control needs.

We understand how important it is right now to protect your family and your home during these times. After all, how can you be safe in an infested home? We don’t need to battle Covid-19 and termites. Here at Buckaroo Pest Protection, we know how important it is to protect the health and safety of your home and wanted to reach out and remind you what we can do for you during these confusing times.

Why Do We Matter?

The last thing we want you or your family to worry about right now is an active pest infection that can endanger your health and risk the quality of your home. With temperatures warming up and the good ol’ state of Texas flipping back and forth into April showers, it’s created the perfect environment for all the creepy crawlers to make their move into or around your homes. Seeing a few bugs here or there isn’t much to worry about, but if you start seeing them daily, you might have some new roommates.

Most bugs and rodents alike can carry diseases, bacteria or even create avenues for their friends to come in too. When you’re stuck at home trying to mill your way around the mysteries of common core, the last thing you need to be worried about is whether the winged bugs you’re seeing around the windows are ant or termites.

Outdoor Protection

Indoor pest control is important but so is outdoor. With limited resources available and your backyard being your ourdoor oasis, we want to make sure your family is safe both inside and outside your home. Most bugs prefer the rich and damp environment we’ve been experiencing lately, so we want to make sure you know what to look for.


Our favorite neighborhood bully, wasps love the warm weather and tend to build their nests in the most inconvenient places. These mean, vicious creature tend to attack without much provocation and may lead to more than a few stings before you can fend off their assault. If you start to notice nests being built around your trashcans, canopies and around your lawn, feel free to give us a call. Buckaroo Pest Protection, fears no flying menace and will ensure the removal of nests to protect your family from harm’s way.


Another less volatile menace are flies. This warmer weather is where they thrive and tend to swarm near the front door of your home or nearby your trashcans. Have you ever gone to take out the trash and noticed that your trashcan was covered in maggots? Yeah, we don’t wish that on anyone. Most flies are harmless, but some species like the horse fly have a pretty painful bite. If you think wasps are bad, just wait until you run into a few of these. Not only do they bite you, but they’re determined to follow you if you catch their interest. If you’re worried about an overabundance of these nasty buggers, give a ring to come and inspect your home.

Remember, the best form of pest prevention lies in early intervention! If you think an infestation is upon you, fear not and pick up the phone! Some pests like mice or cockroaches only need one friend to form a colony. We’ll make sure to take of those creepy crawlies, before they damage your home, creep out your kids or become a long-term issue.

We have an infestation, what now?

Buckaroo Pest Protection is ready and waiting anxiously by the phones to help you protect your family, home and sanity. If you think you have a pest infestation, don’t wait, pick up the phone and give us a holler! Feel free to give us a call at (469) 598-0560 or click here to sign up for a free professional home inspection.

As the pandemic rages on, rest assured that the safety of your family and our technicians is just as important as protecting your home. Our technicians will practice proper social distancing effort and will have the proper equipment in stock for home inspections. For more covid related information click here to view a message from the company. Last but not least, don’t forget to check out our covid friendly deals!

Stay safe, happy and healthy!

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