What Is Integrative Pest Management?

When your business has a serious pest problem, you have two options before it gets any worse.

At first, you could try to exterminate the pests on your own, or you can trust professionals like Buckaroo to do the commercial pest control on your behalf.

Without a doubt, it takes more skill and expertise to service a commercial structure when it’s full of pests. So, Buckaroo Pest Protection tackles the problem head-on like a linebacker and uses environmentally friendly, integrative pest control methods.

But if you’ve never heard of that kind of pest control, this post will go over the basics to give you an idea of what to expect before Buckaroo inspects your property.

What’s the purpose of intergrative pest control in the first place?

Overall, the general idea behind integrative pest control is to get rid of the pests while minimizing the risk to humans and animals.
The issue with old-school pest control methods is that they basically involve using a substantial amount of poisons and toxic substances, hoping that rats and insects take the bait and eventually kick the bucket.
That may have worked in the past, but these days, it takes more attention to detail, especially when the job involves an older commercial building. Indeed, if a business operates in a building as old as dirt, there will be pests in all likelihood.

Nuisance insects like cockroaches and ants are the least of your concerns. In all likelihood, the structure is infested with other pests you can’t see most of the time, especially if the structure sits next to undeveloped land. So, integrative pest control takes a 360-degree approach and offers business owners long-term protection instead of a quick fix.

The process begins by identifying what pests need to be taken care of ASAP and which ones aren’t really the primary threat. To kill pests once and for all, you have to know the scope and scale of the problem.

Do you only have a roach problem, or do you have a severe rat infestation that’s making your business reek like a stinky dish rag? The answers will certainly vary from case to case, so we rely on the integrative method to diagnose the issue right away.

How does integrative pest control work?

Integrative pest control, sometimes called integrative pest management, determines the root cause of the infestation by monitoring the environment and seeing how bad the problem really is.

That way, the experts at Buckaroo Pest Protection can step in to do the job right.

The best part about integrative pest control is that it takes a holistic approach that goes beyond using a safer alternative to pesticides.

When you need reliable pest extermination at the end of the day, integrative pest management gives you the best chance of success. Otherwise, you risk getting re-infested if the root cause isn’t fixed the first time around. By analyzing the ecosystem, Buckaroo’s exterminators can protect buildings from specific pests without applying one-size-fits-all solutions. The general idea is to stay laser-focused on the animals or insects that you do want to get rid of and those you don’t mind sticking around.

How can businesses tell if they need a commercial pest control specialist?

Buckaroo Pest Protection works with all types of commercial buildings, and one of the questions we hear most often is: how can I tell if I need a professional exterminator?

Well, the answers are pretty straightforward. If you notice that your business is suffering as a result of the infestation, it’s time to give us a call.

For instance, if you operate a restaurant and you have a mice problem, the state of Texas can shut you down in the blink of an eye! But if your business is something like a warehouse, you might not think that rodents are a concern, yet they are because they carry disease, among other problems.

he most noticeable signs are rat droppings, but rodents also leave urine trails behind and tend to gnaw on things like baseboards or anything they can get their teeth on. Cardboard is another preferred

A quick rule of thumb is that when you notice one type of pest, there are probably more that you don’t see.

If pest infestations get severe, you could have your own little pest ecosystem, so we fight fire with fire and take a look at the bigger picture with integrative pest management.

Why choose Buckaroo Pest Protection?

We’re straight shooters at Buckaroo Pest Protection, so we guarantee the quality of our work and offer fair prices.

If you trust us to do what we do best – protect your company, employees, and your customers – we’ll prove to you that you made the right choice.

We offer regular maintenance plans that help keep the pests away and protect businesses long after we knock out the initial problem. You can rest easy knowing that our commercial pest control services use eco-friendly, chemical-free, and non-toxic materials the vast majority of the time.

What areas does Buckaroo Pest Protection serve?

If you live in North Texas, we have you covered 100 percent because we serve a pretty wide area, including communities like:

But keep in mind that this is only a quick rundown of the towns we service. If your business is located in any community near these, we’d be glad to come out and see what we can do for you.

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